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Valerie Collins Premed Advising

Valerie Wherley, PhD

Pre-Health Consultant

Dr. Wherley offers personalized, 1-on-1 advising for students preparing to apply to healthcare graduate programs. Areas of expertise include:


  • Advising first-time applicants, re-applicants, & Postbac applicants

  • Applying a holistic portfolio review

  • Navigating the application process

  • Editing personal statements

  • Interview preparation

  • School selection

  • Selecting/securing letters of recommendation

Areas of Expertise


Assisting Pre-Med students interested in BS/MD, MD, and/or DO programs with all aspects of AMCAS, AACOMAS, and/or TMDSAS application preparation.


Mentoring Pre-Pharmacy students through the PharmCAS application, discussing PCAT
requirements, and review of overall competitiveness.


Guiding Pre-PA students with submission of CASPA, accompanying direct patient contact hours, and a competitive holistic portfolio.


Advising Postbac students on creating, writing, and submitting their strongest application, via either PostbacCAS and/or a school specific Postbac program.


Offering Pre-Dental students critical feedback on their clinical preparation, DAT score, and editorial expertise on the ADEA AADSAS application.


Supporting students in achieving the first step in a nursing career, or career advancement by providing application guidance for ASN, BSN, RN, APRN, MSN, and DNP programs.  


Providing Pre-Vet students a step-by-step knowledge-based path to navigate the VMCAS application, using VMSAR data to support school selection.

Other Allied Health Professions

  • Pre-PT

  • Pre-OT

  • Speech-Language Pathology

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