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2023: Happy New Year! Let's Get Ready to Apply!

For many healthcare related graduate programs, the application cycle takes approximately 1 year. That being said, a successful 2023 application cycle will typically yield matriculation in 2024.

If you or anyone you know is planning to submit an application this year to medical school, dental school, veterinary medicine school, PA school, pharmacy school, or something similar, you have anywhere from 16 - 20 weeks to prepare your application (depending on your intended program).

When can you submit your application? See below for approximate 2023 dates:


  • TMDSAS: Early May

  • AACOMAS: Mid-May

  • AMCAS: Late May


  • AADSAS: Mid-May


  • TMDSAS: Early May

  • VMCAS: Mid-May


  • CASPA: Late April


  • PharmCAS: Mid-July

It's an exciting time if 2023 is your application year! It's time to write your personal statement, delineate and craft your work/activities pieces, request academic transcripts, complete any/all required standardized tests, seek letters of recommendation, and determine your school choice list.

I'd love to work with you to ensure your application is polished, comprehensive, and competitive. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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