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Getting Ready to Take MCAT in 2023

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Pre-meds! Planning to take your MCAT in 2023? Mark your calendars because registration time is here!

The AAMC announced the MCAT testing dates for January and March-June 2023 will open on October 25, 2022 or October 26, 2022.

A few helpful tips:

1. Preview the MCAT registration system in advance.

2. Visit the AAMC MCAT Registration Information page, to determine if you are in Group A (October 25, 2022) or Group B (October 26, 2022).

3. Plan to log in at 11:50am ET on your registration date.

Let us guide your way through the application process. Book a FREE 30-minute consultation session today!

Good luck!


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