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Penn State College of Medicine

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Name: Morgan V.

Field: Pre-Med

Program: Penn State College of Medicine

Start State: 2021

Dr. Wherley was truly my go-to person as I navigated my way through the medical school application process. As someone who did not know anyone else who had gone through this process before me, I was unsure of who to turn to for help. Dr. Wherley’s knowledge and expertise was what ultimately helped guide me through this overwhelming and challenging time. I remember showing up to her door during the fall of my junior year feeling completely lost; I did not have a plan on when to take the MCAT, I had not yet asked for letters of recommendation, and I did not even have the first draft of my personal statement written. She took the time to come up with a plan that worked for me as I juggled being a student and a varsity athlete. Dr. Wherley was there to offer guidance, advice, and support through each step of the way in my medical school application process, and I cannot thank her enough for playing such a huge role in helping me get accepted into my dream medical school program!


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