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Virtual Interview Tips

Congratulations! You've submitted your application and been invited for an interview!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, graduate schools were forced to quickly pivot their interview framework, shifting from in-person to virtual platforms, as a means of both social distancing and continuity of the admissions process. Valuable lessons were learned: virtual interviews are time-efficient, cost-effective, and assist in streamlining the application process.

Your virtual interview may be a preliminary step, or could be the encompassing interpersonal component of your interview. In any case, there are some Do's and Dont's to be aware of in preparing for a virtual interview.

The ADEA-AADSAS (American Dental Education Association - Associated American Dental School Application Service) created the following document entitled, "Virtual Dental School Interviews Do's and Dont's", yet I suggest the majority of the guidelines are applicable to all pre-health virtual interviews. Good Luck!


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